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POLYtij ® CISS HP bulk ink system has a volume of 370 millilitres of ink, nearly than twenty times more than the ink cartridge in the printhead itself. The frequency of ink changing is reduced significantly by using the CISS HP bulk ink system. As soon as the ink tank is inserted in the system, it self pressurizes the ink supply. Using an interface directly on the cartridge itself, your current fill level is monitored in real time. If the Ink Level in the primary cartridge is low, a valve to the bulk tank opens and refills it automatically. The CISS HP bulk ink system can supply one cartridge up to four cartridges simultaneously.


The HP 370ml & 20ml cartridges are not included and need to be ordered seperately.

POLYtij ® CISS HP bulk ink system

  • A one (1) year warranty applies. Printers can be repaired remotely. Spare parts under warranty will be shipped to customer to enable repair, freight is at customers cost.

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